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Hi there,

Here at Edu-Tutor, we are dedicated to providing tutoring services to children and adults of all ages. Our content providers and tutors are qualified and certified in their areas of concentration.


Edu-Tutor Limited is a web-based Tutorial and document services company. Edu-Tutor Limited gives quality web-based mentoring to students and adults over the world at a truly moderate cost.


Web-based tutorials have been quickly picking up prominence among students because of convenience, cost and their capacity to make a quick connection with a tutor when assistance is needed.

In addition to one-on-one tutoring sessions, Edu-Tutor Limited provides assistance with other tasks such as preparation for examinations to include PEP, CSEC, City and Guilds (English) and other subject areas (Other subject areas will be added from time to time so please contact us for more information). 


Our central goal is to give world-class coaching and great substance to students all over the world. is your online source for exemplary tutoring and mentoring in any subject. Students can contact us from the comfort of their homes or school.


Students can utilize our growing list of exercises and question banks to ace any subject and may also approach a live mentor nonstop. Edu-Tutor Limited enables students to exceed expectations in school and in focused tests.

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